Colin Tyler

Daniel 12- The Great Tribulation                           March 2013
Matthew 7- 2 Houses & Two Builders                           March 2013
2 Timothy 1:7- Power, Love & Sound Mind                           March 2013
Roman Catholic Church- Purgatory                           March 2013
Roman Catholic Church- Mary Worship                           March 2013
Roman Catholic Church- Peter and the Papacy                           March 2013
Psalm 127- Except the Lord Build the House                            April 2013
Revelation 9- The Real Joel's Army                            May 2013
Why I Expect the Rapture Soon                            June 2013
Daniel's 70 Week Prophecy                            July 2013
Esther- Mordecai & Haman; Christ and the Flesh                          August 2013
Psalm 94                          August 2013
Preppers- Prepare to Meet Thy God                       November 2013
Genesis 6- The Sons of God                            July 2015
The Paris Attacks and the Bible                       December 2015
Confession, Conviction, Cleansing and Commission                            May 2016
The Sacrifice of Isaac Part 1                          March 2016
The Sacrifice of Isaac Part 2                          March 2016
Genesis 25- Keturah and Her Children                          June 2016
Two Characters & Two Consequences                          June 2016
Money                          June 2016
Crucified with Christ, Nevertheless I Live                          July 2016
Lessons from Hezekiah and Sennacherib                          July 2016
The Bible and Brexit                    September 2016
Apostolic Council- Part 1                      October 2016
Apostolic Council- Part 2                      October 2016
How Should we then Live                      October 2016
Loving the Brethren                      October 2016
The Supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ                      October 2016
How to be Saved                     November 2016
Potiphar- the Man in the Middle                     December 2016
The Good Shepherd and the Evil Shepherds                     December 2016
A Foolish Professor and the Bible                      February 2017
Galatians 5 v 22&23- The Christian's Treasure                      February 2017
The Pool of Bethesda                      February 2017
Matthew 4- Dealing with the Devil                      February 2017
Psalm 1- How to be a Happy Man                      February 2017
Temptation                      February 2017
The Bible and Our Health                      February 2017
The Unfolding Revelation of Jesus Christ                      February 2017
Errors of Rome- Peter and the Papacy                          May 2017
Lessons from Passover Night                          May 2017
Lessons from Samson (Part 1)                          May 2017
Lessons from Samson (Part 2)                          May 2017
Numbers 13- Battling the Giants                          July 2017
Quiet                          July 2017
Take Heed!                          July 2017
The Authority of the King James Bible                          July 2017
The Parable of the Sower                          July 2017
We Wot Not What is Become of Him                          July 2017
A Little Biblical Psychology                     September 2017
One More Night with the Frogs                     September 2017
Judges 16- Samson- Love Not the World                     November 2017
Romans 8- The Real Manifest Sons of God                     November 2017
The Pauline Epistles                     November 2017
Food from Heaven                     December 2017
The Healing of Jairus' Daughter                     December 2017
The Woman or the Word- Catholicism vs Protestantism                     December 2017
Where to Find God                     December 2017
Gifts, Signs and Wonders                     December 2017
Counterfeit Christianity               29th December 2017
David and Bathsheba               29th December 2017
Illustrations of Christian Ministry               29th December 2017
Light in Our Dwellings               29th December 2017
Mark 11- A Colt Tied                   1st Jaunary 2018
Seven Marks of Spritual Babyhood                   1st January 2018
The Preaching and Baptism of John                   1st January 2018
The Testimony of a Great Saint                   1st January 2018
Bringing Back the Ark                 23rd February 2018
Genesis 40- The Forgotten Man                 23rd February 2018
Sabbath Observance- True and False                 24th February 2018
The Old Religion and the New                 24th February 2018
Rahab the Harlot                     28th April 2018
The Good Word of the Lord                     28th April 2018
The Rapture and the Second Coming                     28th April 2018
Preserved by God                     17th June 2018
The Saviour Commends John the Baptist                      21st June 2018
A Proud Sinner and a Broken Sinner                       8th July 2018
Fear                       8th July 2018
Psalm 23                      14th July 2018
When did the seventy weeks begin?                    12th August 2018
Haman the Agagite                    12th August 2018
Standing in Christ                    13th August 2018
Aaron-Type of the Holy Spirit                    29th August 2018
Gleanings from Esther- Part 1                2nd September 2018
Gleanings from Esther- Part 2                2nd September 2018
The gospel illustrated in Genesis 24                3rd September 2018
The old and the young                3rd September 2018
The Shunamite woman                3rd September 2018
Tract evangelism                8th September 2018
When he, the spirit of truth is come- Part 1                8th September 2018
When he, the spirit of truth is come- Part 2                8th September 2018
Isaiah 53: His Sufferings- Part 1               29th September 2018
Isaiah 53: His Sufferings- Part 3               29th September 2018
Isaiah 53: His Satisfaction               14th December 2018
Christ in the Old Testament               15th December 2018
David and Goliath               15th December 2018
The 'I ams' of Christ               16th December 2018
A Lesson in Separation               16th December 2018
Beware of Covetousness               17th December 2018
Count Your Blessings               17th December 2018

Tabernacle Series

Genesis Series