KJV Bible Seminar 2013

                                Speaker                                                           Subject                             
 Jack Moorman Part 1- KJV seminar
Michael Tyler Part 2- KJV seminar
 Colin Tyler Part 3- KJV seminar



Bible Manuscripts Seminar 2014

                                  Speaker                                                   Subject                     
   Colin Tyler Session 1- Oldest and Best
         Jonathan Hewett      Session 2- Amos 8:11
   Colin Tyler Session 3- Mark 16:9-20 Authentic or Not?
   Colin Tyler Session 4- John 8 Authentic or Not?


Bible Prophecy Seminar 2015

                                       Speaker                                                            Subject
                             Jonathan Hewett Part 1- The Biblical Definition of Prophecy
                                Michael Tyler Part 2- The 70 Weeks of Daniel
                                  Colin Tyler Part 3- The Rapture; Who & When



Rightly Dividing the Word/How to Study the Bible- Seminar 2017

                                     Speaker                                 Subject
    Michael Tyler Reformed and Dispensational Systems Compared
   Colin Tyler The Kingdom of Heaven vs The Kingdom of God
   Jonathan Hewett                                The Millenium


Eternal Security Seminar- 6th July 2019

                                     Speaker                                 Subject
    Jonathan Hewett                       John Chapter 15                
Colin Tyler Hebrews Chapter 3 and 6
   Michael Tyler              Hebrews Chapter 10           


KJV and Modern Bibles- 19th October 2019



                            Speaker                                 Subject
David Ellsmore                                 Part 1              
     Part 2