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    On Saturday 4th June 2016, a group of us from Hellier Street, joined by a few extras, travelled to the British Museum. The Lord blessed us with safe travel and good weather. Colin Tyler was our tour guide for the day, he spent a lot of time researching what he was going to show us and talk to us about, for which we were all grateful for his hard work. The focus of the visit was artefacts from the Bible, looking at the different nations and kings. The tour was like stepping back in time as we were led through Assyrian, Egyptian, Persian and Roman artefacts. It is fascinating seeing things that would once have been seen by the prophets and kings/queens of the Bible. Below are some images from what we saw at the museum.
   There are a large number of people who visit the museum daily, however the relevance of them tying in with the Bible does not even cross their minds. If anyone is planning a trip to the British Museum to look at Bible artefacts, Colin would be a good person to talk to for advice about what to see. I would highly recommend any Christian to go and have a look, seeing physical objects before your eyes can really help bring the Bible to life even more.

Here are a few of the highlights that we saw during the day:

A panel from the palace in Susa. Mordecai and Esther would have seen these regularly-

picture 1


The Rosetta Stone. This stone was key to being able to decipher the Ancient Egyptian writing, Hieroglyhics-

picture 2


Part of the lion hunt by Ashurbanipal, king of Assyria-

picture 3


The Balawat gates of Shalmaneser III, Assyrian king-

picture 4

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