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  1. Internet Preachers

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    "We remember the fish, which we did eat in Egypt freely; the cucumbers, and the melons, and the leeks, and the onions, and the garlick:.." Numbers 11:5.

    The account of the children of Israel's experience in the wilderness is a picture of Christian immaturity. God's original purpose for Israel, upon leaving Egypt, was a short journey through the wilderness and then straight into the promised land of Canaan to overthrow the giants and possess the land.

    Time after time in the wilderness all the children of Israel did was moan and think about their bellies. We frequently find them wishing they were back in Egypt as the quote above exemplifies. This is where many Christians are today. If they got the slightest whiff of spiritual warfare, as represented by the giants in Canaan, they would run a mile. (I cannot, with hand on heart, assure anyone that I, myself, would not be among them.)

    I have observed from our own Hellier Street web-site and from many other preachers' YouTube videos, that most Christians seem to want onions and garlic. That is, something spicey. I am reminded of the apostle Paul's words to Timothy,

    "...the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;.." " Tim.4:3.

    If I preach anything bordering on the sensational, or perhaps political, or especially about Satan, these often turn out to be my most popular messages. ('Going viral' at Hellier Street is about fifty views. Ho-hum!)

    With these things in mind, I felt it might be helpful to warn about some of the preaching available on the Internet.

    The apostle Paul said to the church at Corinth,

    "For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified."

    This ought to be the primary subject which colours the ministry of every preacher. For an example of this kind of preaching visit and listen to the wonderful ministry of H.L.Roush Sr. Herbert rarely preached without clear gospel exhortation, often with tears, and yet expounded many books of the New Testament. This is what preaching should be like and it seems to be increasingly rare.

    On the other side of the coin I will mention some of the less helpful and downright dangerous preaching that gets thousands of subscribers on YouTube.

    I will not waste my time here with the downright obvious wack-jobs, like some preachers in Africa who have their audience eating grass, for example. Or the US charlatans who tell about the Lord Jesus wanting them all to get rich. Regular listeners to Hellier Street messages are less likely to fall for that particular brand of Satanic deception.

    First, the downright dangerous but not so obvious. Beware of any preacher who rejoices at the prospect of any unbeliever suffering in Hell. This is what some muslims do. I would not be inclined to listen to any such man twice, even if he has tens of thousands of subscribers and seems to preach the gospel. An important passage of scripture exposing any such preacher is Matthew 18:23-35. Please read it!

    How can any man who knows the depravity of his own heart rejoice at another man being lost? Such a man may have the mechanics of the gospel only and yet be a stranger to grace.

    As for those who are just less helpful, I am mindful of a man who I am sure loves the Lord and can preach very powerfully when he will but much of his YouTube material is mostly politics, conspiracy theory (that is, correct conspiracy theory), devil activity and all things weird and wonderful. This brother again has tens of thousands of followers on YouTube. He will begin with a passage from the Bible and then hardly go near it again for the next 45 minutes. In fairness to him, it may be the onion and garlic lovers, who upload his videos to their own sites, rather than his own church web-site. But the warning at least holds for those other YouTubers who upload his material.

    Again, listening to H. L. Roush will show the contrast. Herbert once said, and many of his quotes regularly ring in my ears, "The devil is not in the froggy-bottom saloon, the devil is in the religion business."

    As for the massive numbers of followers on Youtube, John Trapp once wrote, "Truth is never measured by the poll!"

    Colin Tyler.

  2. Brain-washing in UK Schools

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    Brain-washing in UK Schools.

    Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt worked in the Education Department of the US government during the Reagan administration. She was sacked for expressing concerns about the direction in which US education was headed. In 1999 she published 'the deliberate dumbing down of america.' (sic). This shocking tome catalogues a paper trail of the proposals of educators, and the elite who govern them, from the 1930 until the 2000s.

    In short, the plan has been to move education away from academic subjects such as maths, geography history, literature and so on, to behaviour modification through Pavlovian and Skinnerian brain-washing techniques. The goal is to produce a stupid, docile, global minded clone who has received 'work-force training.' One of the most telling and disgusting descriptions of the plan has been, "limited learning for life-long labour."

    I do not know whether Mrs. Iserbyt is a Christian, but what follows is a very perceptive analysis of what she calls 'the Devil's Seven Pronged Fork.' In the Revised and Abridged Edition, 2011, at page 9 we read:-

    1. Gradualism: implementing world-government agenda gradually over many years (two steps forward, one step back) so that succeeding generations are unaware of what has happened in the past and unable to question or apply reason to current events or future events (heating up the water gradually until the frog is cooked). Or, in the words of Florida's former Associate Commissioner of Education, Cecil Golden," those assembling an atom bomb, very few of them understand exactly what they're building and won't until we put all the parts together" [PPBS, ed.]. You'll know it's true, when it happens to you!

    2. Hegelian Dialectic: in order to get what change agents want it is necessary first for them to create the problem - such as high taxes. When citizen resist, suggest a solution. Example: move education funding and control to the state level, a solution citizens never would have accepted had problem (sic) with high taxes not been deliberately created. This can be called reaching common ground, coming to consensus and compromise.

    3. Semantic deception: redefining terms to get agreement without understanding. Example: use of words that mean one thing to parents and another thing to change agents.[1] Parents define "basics" in education as reading, writing, mathematics, history, science etc. The education change agents' definition of "basics" is: education stressing the fact that the US Constitution is outdated; education stressing the need for non-judgmental/non-absolutist attitudes and values;[2] education stressing an environmental/sustainable development agenda, including the need for land use regulations, etc.; and workforce training.

    4. 100% conservative and liberal media control: the importance of the deliberate dumbing down of america can best be measured by its across-the-board censorship since its publication in 1999, not just by the usual culprits (establishment media), but by respected old line conservative media as well.

    5. Endless supply of money: Federal reserve, non-profit foundations, grant funding, and partnership with industry.

    6. Brain-washing in the schools and our communities, using psychological techniques: Pavlov, Lewin, Skinner, Bloom, Chisolm,[3]and others.

    7. Keeping the public unaware that both political parties (Republican and Democrat)[4] espouse the same values: these underly the international socialist/world government agenda. Most disheartening is that researchers have added to this unsavoury alliance many Christian churches and organisations who formerly could be counted on to go up against the secular humanists and globalists and their value-destroying programs (sic). These groups have been infiltrated by members of the corporatist/globalist leadership, and can no longer be counted on to support the free enterprise system, the US Constitution, or religious principles which place God above man.

    End quote.

    If that's not Satanic, it will do until Satanic comes along. Mrs Iserbyt can be seen on Youtube. Her entire original publication of the deliberate dumbing down of america can be freely down-loaded from the internet. The revised 2011 edition may still be available from G. Edward Griffin at

    Finally, these appalling techniques which Iserbyt exposes are, without doubt, also being used in UK schools. This is a global programme.

    Have a good day! Jesus loves you.

    Colin Tyler.

    [1] Change agents are men and women who are trained in behaviour modification techniques, working subversively, and sometimes openly, to turn children into global citizens. [C.T]

    [2] Ie. Anything Biblical.

    [3] For example, here's a quote from G. Brock Chisolm, "To achieve world government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas." [C.T.] Chisolm was not small potatoes, he was co-founder of the World Health Organisation.

    [4] Or Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour.